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President Barack Obama waits for his introduction during the Democratic National Committee dinner at the Westin St. Francis Hotel, in San Francisco, Calif., Oct. 15, 2009.
President Barack Obama waits for his introduction during the Democratic National Committee dinner at the Westin St. Francis Hotel, in San Francisco, Calif., Oct. 15, 2009.
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Robert Daly Blog

Bayonetta       (PS3)


I've been playing the demos of
Bayonetta & Dante's Inferno.
I've been following Bayonetta
with relish recently and while
not blown away by the demo,
it was the Devil May Cry clone
I had been expecting, which
isn't a bad thing really. Dante's Inferno
I was impressed with, even though it's
God of War in hell, but it seems to
have a really strong narrative and if it's anywhere near as good as Dead Space, the developers last game, then I shall be in for a treat!

Published on Dec 9th, 2009 / News

Uncharted II (PS3)

Uncharted II: Among Theives

I loved the first
Uncharted, it is one of
the best games I've ever
played. The story of Nathan "Nate"
Drake is more Indiana Jones than
Indiana Jones and I couldn't wait
for the sequel. Now that I've played it through, it doesn't disappoint. This game improves on it's predecessor in every department. Amazing game, if you own a PS3, you need to play this game.

Published on Nov 19th, 2009 / News

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Robert Daly - Freelance Web Design & Development

I'm a freelance web designer based in London and I can design your website, develop standards compliant XHTML and CSS for cross-browser compatibility and ensure that it all works perfectly and looks beautiful.

I started my career in web design & development in the late 90s and later went on to study this at Brunel University in West London. After I graduated I started working at Dennis Publishing where I work on their portfolio of sites including Maxim, PCPRO, ITPRO, Bizarre and Auto Express among others.

My role at Dennis also includes advertising jobs for a diverse set of clients such as EA, Ford, Seat, O2 and Symantec to name a few. The work produced is diverse and the majority of it is custom built for clients.

I use daily XHTML / CSS, web technologies such as PHP / MySQL, Javascript / AJAX and Flash. I am following the progress of the HTML5 and CSS 3 spec (Here are some really good cheatsheets CSS 3 / HTML5) and am looking forward to its implementation.

I'm really passionate about combining stunning design and great code, many people say the two are completely separate disciplines but I disagree, I believe it's possible to push the boundaries of both!

Click on the two tabs "Past" and "Future" to find my portfolio and how to contact me.

Past Portfolio


Dennis Publishing

2008 – Present Dennis Publishing

I joined Dennis at the start of 2008 as a Web Designer and work on their entire online portfolio, including their Flash magazine publications (Ceros)

Monkey Magazine

Monkey Magazine

One of my first jobs at Dennis was to redesign and rework the front end for Monkey Magazine's site. The editorial team gave me free reign from a design point of view and the old markup & CSS were completed replaced. Monkey was incorporated into Kontraband mid 2009.
Homepage | Sub Index Page | Article Page

Maxim Magazine

Maxim Magazine

In 2009 I was tasked with redesigning the Maxim website, I came up with some initial treatments, but sadly the magazine was closed as a print publication and its relaunch downgraded to a colour scheme change as the site presently is.
Design 1 | Design 2

Expert Reviews

Expert Reviews

Expert Reviews was launched by Dennis towards the end of 2009. I was responsible for implementing the front end, which included using Smarty and all the CSS for the site.

Evo Magazine

Evo Magazine

EVO was given an updated design with new markup and CSS, I did the majority of the CSS for the project.


During my time at Dennis Publishing as well as working on our own brands, I have worked on advertising campaigns for various companies.

Listed below is a small section of these companies. Hover over their logos to see some examples of my work.

To fully experience this website please enable Javascript

Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts

Bizarre Site Skin Site skin for Dead Space Extraction (Click to enlarge)


Please enable JavaScript or get the latest Flash Player here



Dell Competition

For Dennis I had to design & build a "Data Capture" system where users could enter their details in return for free whitepapers, case studies etc.

For Dell I used this system for a competition which got over 40,000 entries. Other custom solutions included AJAX click counters and monitoring user interaction through the use of cookies.



To coincide in with the launch of Microsoft's new bing search engine, I was tasked with creating a series of banners to promote the launch and ITPRO's interviews of bing's staff. They were so impressed with the result they rolled out my style of banners across ITPRO and PCPRO.

Please enable JavaScript or get the latest Flash Player here

Please enable JavaScript or get the latest Flash Player here

Please enable JavaScript or get the latest Flash Player here



Intel Takeover Intel homepage takeover of PCPRO proposal (Click to enlarge)


Star Trek Site skin for Star Trek (2009) on Fortean Times (Click to enlarge)



omgwtf images is a custom built site that allows users to upload their pictures, tag them and share them with everyone. The site uses PHP and MySQL extensively.

One of my first sites, this was a early testing ground for my PHP & CSS skills.
It also contains original content such as videos and reviews.

An initial treatment for my site redesign which is a darker more traditional Web 2.0 flat page design.
I decided to move on from this for a more interactive javaScript based site.

Database Assignment

In university, I was set an assignment of creating a website that can search and retrieve data from a MySQL database.


Brunel University:
Multimedia Technology and Design

2002 – 2006 Brunel University

I studied many disciplines including web design, 3D graphics, database theory & implementation, video editing & marketing among others. My final year work was part of the "Made in Brunel" exhibition.


  • Adobe Creative Suite 3 & 4

    • Photoshop

    • Dreamweaver

    • Flash

    • Illustrator

    • InDesign

    • Fireworks

  • 3D Studio Max

  • Microsoft Office

  • Final Cut Pro


  • PHP

  • MySQL

  • Javascript

  • AJAX

  • Wordpress

  • Smarty

  • Subversion (SVN)

  • jQuery

Working Knowledge:
  • Drupal

  • Joomla

  • Zend Studio

  • Dojo

  • Apache HTTP Server

  • Actionscript

Operating Systems:
  • Mac OSX

  • Windows

  • Linux

  • W3 Standards Compliant websites

  • Triple-A accessibility conformance

  • Search Engine Optimisation

Cross-browser Compatibility:

Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Safari Google Chrome Opera Internet Explorer 6

Social Media:
Digg eBay Facebook Flickr Windows Live MySpace reddit RSS StumbleUpon Technorati Twitter WordPress

Future Contact Me

Contact Me

Prices vary depending on the scope of the work involved, I am flexible to the needs of the client. Because of increasing assignments I ask my clients to describe demands and details in their first email. This will allow me to plan my jobs the best way possible and service my clients faster. In advance, thanks.

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What I can offer…

  • Static Websites

    From static websites that don't need to be updated often to HTML emails I can design and build a website that can maximise your brand's potential and offer your clients a unique experience. These are the cheapest and quickest to create.

  • Dynamic Websites

    From custom built websites using a combination of PHP & MySQL databases to off the shelf packages such as Drupal & Wordpress I can set up blogs, websites that you can manage and edit, e-commerce solutions and tailor these to your needs. Depending on the complexity of your requirements these can cost more and take more time.

  • Social Networking

    Maximise the exposure of your brand by fully leveraging the potential of social networking sites such as Facebook, mySpace, Twitter, RSS feeds and that's just for starters.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    You can offer the best service or product in the world but if no one can find it, then what you offer is meaningless. Search Engine Optimisation is a very important part of a web platform and I design and build websites with this in mind, so when Google looks at your site it will take notice.

  • Competitive Rates

    My rates are flexible to the needs of your project and are very competitive, you won't find better value for money elsewhere.

  • Where do we go from here?

    First, send me a message outlining what you want done, try to include as much detail as possible and I'll take a look and give you a quote! Easy!




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